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Face Lift

A YOUNGER LOOKING YOU GUARANTEED – The premium ingredients in our firming face lift cream will tighten and smooth your skin giving a you more youthful complexion.

START TO SEE RESULTS FROM DAY ONE – You will feel your skin start to tighten and fine lines fade away as the natural plant extracts and peptides get to work.

NO NEED FOR INJECTIONS – Our face lift cream contains Argireline which acts in a similar way to botox but is applied topically and has been shown to reduce the depth of wrinkles by up to a third within just 28 days.

STRENGTHENS YOUR SKIN as cellular turnover, collagen and elastin production are stimulated and your skin is hydrated.



Does your skin look older than you feel? As we grow older collagen production in the skin diminishes and this reduces the skin’s elasticity causing it to sag. This is when we start getting those unwanted wrinkles and fine lines.

Allura Skin Care’s Firming Face Lift cream has been formulated with premium ingredients to minimize the appearance of these aging signs, helping tighten and smooth your skin.

The micro-muscle contractions that create then increase facial wrinkles are limited using a combination of peptides and plant extracts that includes Argireline and Gatuline-Expression, both proven to reduce the depth of wrinkles within 30 days. Designed to produce similar results to botox injections our state of the art cream is a kinder alternative and requires no needles!

Second we include ingredients like Trylagen that encourage the generation of new collagen and elastin to repair and strengthen your skin helping rebuild the broken fibres that create the sagging in the first place.

Third we provide an antioxidant ‘shield’ to combat free radicals and oxidative stress helping strengthen the skin and prevent the formation of new lines and wrinkles and combating other aging signs such as age spots.

Finally we provide emollients to hydrate and plump the skin leaving you with a healthy, smooth, youthful looking complexion.